China flat roof rain gutters

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    Double standard tile: also called laminated tiles, by the panel and the bottom of the lap, multilayer and cover, beautiful appearance, durable, reflect a kind of classical beauty out of the ordinary, the shadow of the design to increase the three-dimensional, irregular distribution of colors, makes better sense of hierarchy, both have superior waterproof performance. The roof color art play acme, villas, high-end projects preferred roofing material.
    Detailed information:
    Styling design
    Respect is modelling, concise and generous lines and color design, for advocating simplicity you provide the best quality products;
    The first single color tile distribution, a little ingenuity, natural beauty;
    Can design a full monolayer gum effect, in order to improve the wind resistance protection;
    The government puts forward the policy guidance of energy saving and emission reduction, which is superior to the current clay tile, glazed tile and cement tile in the aspects of safety performance, construction simplicity, energy consumption, festival source, comprehensive cost and aesthetics.
    The colored fiberglass asphalt tile characteristics:
    Color retention: surface of the hard sand, not easy to fade;
    Water resistance: single layer tile pass waterproof performance test, all reach waterproof material performance index;
    Easy construction: light product, easy installation, high efficiency, save construction cost and shorten construction period;
    Wind resistance: after sunlight, the tiles are firmly bonded to the roof to ensure the integrity of the roof, and no tiles are lifted from the strong wind;
    Self cleaning: do not form obvious stains, no accumulated water stains;
    Decoration: color and shape are freely selected and matched to ensure the most harmonious unity of all the tiles and the whole environment;
    Environmental protection: non-toxic, harmless, effective absorption of roof raindrops, impact sound and external noise, heat insulation effect is good;
    Durability: surface sand hard, anti ultraviolet radiation, material with anti-aging, long service life;
    Yi Weihu: in the case of damage or color change, you can change at will, and you can also paint and update at will.
    Asphalt tile product features:
    1.waterproof effect is good, long service life
    It can resist erosion caused by various climatic factors such as light, hot and cold, rain and freezing.
    2. rich in color,
    Rich color choices can meet the requirements of different aesthetic tastes.
    3. Diversified shapes and wide range of applications
    This product is flexible tile, can be shaped into hammer, arc, diamond, round and other different styles, and can be used flexibly for pressing ridges, eaves, ditches and so on.
    4. Insulation and heat preservation
    Low thermal conductivity of the roof, can effectively block the heat, the summer by outward conduction and winter from the inside out, to ensure the comfort of the top users.
    5, the roof bearing light, safe and reliable
    Light texture, can effectively reduce the overall load of buildings 20-30%. Wind resistance reaches 96 km / h, fire protection reaches grade A, and is resistant to earthquakes.
    6. Simple construction and low comprehensive cost
    The construction is simple and convenient, and can be constructed under any weather condition, thereby shortening the construction cycle, saving labor cost, and greatly reducing the project cost due to the lighter weight of the roof.
    Construction requirements:
    – waterproof layer base should comply with the following provisions: either grass or wood base cement mortar leveling layer should be solid, smooth, use 2m straightedge check, the gap should not exceed 15mm, and the gap should be flat. The waterproof layer construction, cement mortar leveling layer should be dry, clean surface. If it is made of wood base, the felt cushion must be firm and firm enough.
    The performance of asphalt shingles:
    1. all-weather – the continuous research and testing of products and application techniques show that glass fiber roofing can withstand erosion caused by various climatic factors such as light, hot and cold, rain and freezing.
    2. fire resistance – glass fiber tile fire rating test, in line with state standards, to achieve a standard.
    3 the wind resistance of the composite structure and its unique, and broadening the sunlight, self-adhesive, the tiles between firmly adhered to form a whole, ensure that the integrity of the roof, can withstand more than 97km/h of the strong wind, strong wind makes no tiles off. In line with the insurance Laboratory (UL) and the American Institute of materials and testing (ASTM), D3018 level, ASTMD3161 class, ASTM3462 and other items of testing, colorful glass fiber tile has been passed in the laboratory against the strong wind rating test. (at 96 km / h wind speed)
    4 imitation dust self-cleaning ceramic particles, through the anti-static treatment, no dust, no dust so glass tile roof formed obvious flaws, even long after the rain under the condition of no accumulation of water. After the rain will appear more bright clean.
    5., heat insulation – glass fiber tile roof thermal conductivity is low, blocking the heat in the summer by the outward inside conduction, in winter from inside to outside of the loss, so as to ensure the comfortable life of the top tenants.
    6., corrosion resistance – glass fiber tile roofing will not appear in the acid rain and other adverse urban environment, corrosion, spots, moss and other phenomena.
    7. leak proof – the material itself is waterproof material, through the impermeable performance test, to achieve waterproof material standards, coupled with scientific structure, so that better waterproof, more durable.
    8. Safety – through GB/T20474-2006<< glass fiber tire asphalt tile national standard, let you use worry, rest assured and comfortable.China flat roof rain gutters

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