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    Alright, so first you gotta download Traffic Spirit http://www.ipts.com/download.php
    Got it? Register over at [imagetwist.com] without space
    Done? Cool. Upload 7 or more.
    Nice, jump over to Traffic Spirit and add a site. Copy these settings


    and paste them here
    [Image: 6ZRvONV.png]
    Click “OK” and instead of my link, type in one of your image links. Do this as many times as Traffic Spirit allows you to.
    Once that is done, leave Traffic Spirit open and let the money roll in! Depending on how many times you were allowed to add sites, you should be earning very quickly! I have 10 sites, and it is earning me 5 dollars daily!
    How many sites you can add is based on computer performance. Dont run it in a VM. It’s pointless.
    If you want to truly maximize your profit, buy a vps to double your earnings.

    [Image: 1n29ZS2.jpg]

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