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    PLF 2019 is a COMPLETE A-Z Training Course guiding both Internet Marketing Newbies AND Seasoned Marketers to having their first (or multiple) online product launches in just about ANY niche.

    Think of your journey through PLF like a baby taking small steps.
    Sometimes they fall down, but they get right back up and keep walking. If
    you get just 20% of PLF right, you can still win.

    Here’s a BRIEF Overview of what’s in the course:

    An Invitation to PLF Live 2019 – do NOT miss this!

    Find out FIRST HAND why Multi-Million-Dollar PLF Owners RETURN to PLF Live every single year!

    Jeff’s events are always super high-value and high-impact — he’s never charged less than $5,000.00 to $25,000.00 for them… and the people have always left those events thinking they got 10x the cost.

    However, PLF Live is even MORE exclusive… because you CAN’T BUY A TICKET. The only way to get in is if you’re a PLF Owner… and even then, you’re not guaranteed a spot until you register (they simply don’t have enough space to fit everyone and there’s a ton of PLF Owners who make a pilgrimage to Arizona every single year).

    And it’s NOT just PLF Owners at the event… you’ll also be rubbing shoulders with some of the absolute elite of the PLF & IM world.

    PLF Core Training

    In this section, you get the Introduction to PLf, the PLF Roadmap where you learn how the course is laid out, what you’re going to learn and when you’re going to learn it!

    You also get a TON of Downloadable Resources like the videos, executive summaries, transcripts, and MP3’s for all the lessons in PLF Core.

    The PLF Training Modules

    • Module 1
      • This first module is all about the core strategies and tactics of Product Launch Formula. Even if you got nothing else from this course, you could still build a thriving business just with what you’ll learn here about how to build powerful relationships with your prospects and clients.
    • Module 2
      • In Module 2, you get 15 training sections that let you take the work from Module 1 and begin to develop your Launch Theme and Launch Story.
    • Module 3
      • In this 12 part module, you’ll learn about two VERY important types of launches; the Seed Launch and Quick launch.
    • Module 4
      • This 19 PART module goes heavily into The Internal Launch – this is the classic sideways sales letter style launch that’s specifically to your list.
    • Module 5
      • This module is all about you creating killer prelaunch content that will set you up for an amazing launch. In this module, Jeff is going to take you step-by-step through actual prelaunch content from some hugely successful launches. He’ll show you what works and what doesn’t, so you’ll know exactly how to apply these strategies to your own launch.
    • Module 6
      • In this 13 portion module, Jeff goes over sales videos, and again takes real sales videos and goes through them individually.
    • Module 7
      • Surprise! This is a special bonus module all about the Evergreen launch broken down into 10 individual lessons.

    As you’ve no doubt figured out by how the modules are organized – you’ll start with simple, core work in your PLF training. As you nail that down you’ll move into the details and how it applies to your actual launch.

    Plus, you already have access to the Launch Your List bonus course, and you’ll get access to the Product Creation Course a bit later. By the way – the above modules/lessons from the MAIN course only.  It’s got well over 50 individual lessons but I opted to not list them as I’m trying to keep this review SOMEWHAT short LOL.

    Besides the MAIN training above, you ALSO get access to a TON of additional bonus training and content which I’ll go into below.


    You not only get access to the amazing training I’ve outlined above, BUT you get a ton of amazing BONUS content as well!

    By the way – these are NOT cheesy little 5 minute bonus videos or cheat sheets – each of these could be sold as it’s OWN individual product, and you’ll see why below:

    >>> Bonus #1: Niche Selection

    One of the biggest questions Jeff gets asked by people just starting out is,

    That’s why he interviewed Clay Collins in this 52 minute video, who is an expert in helping people find a niche to help get you started.

    This is an interview where I’m sure you’ll find some good nuggets of information that will help simplify and take the mystery out of selecting a target market.

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